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Little Shop of Horrors
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For those who are interested in the 1986 version of Little shop of Horrors... starring Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin and many other actors and actresses; and the 1960's version by Roger Corman (filmed in 2 days!)

"When you put together Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, a giant plant who feeds off human blood, and a fabulous rock music score, what do you get? "Little Shop of Horrors", that's what! Rick Moranis is Seymour, an orphan who wants nothing more than to get out of his drab town("Skidrow")and find love with his co-worker, Audry.(Ellen Greene) However, that's not really possible while working in SkidRow at Mushnik's Flower Shop. (Mr. Mushnik is played by Vincent Gardenia)However, that all changes when Seymour discovers a strange plant during a solar eclipse and christens it "Audrey 2". Things pick up at the flower shop when customers begin pouring in to see the plant-and making poor Seymour's life a little more bearable. Until,that is,Seymour discovers that his precious plant can only live on human blood. ("Feed Me") With nowhere to turn,Seymour must find a way to keep Audrey 2 alive, while getting Audrey 1 to fall in love with him. Although Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene are superb as Seymour and Audrey, the celeb cameos sometimes steal the show. Steve Martin is perfect as the sadistic dentist and Audrey's abusive boyfriend, Orin. His sole musical number ("Dentist!") is a favorite. Orin's hyperactive masochistic patient is played by Bill Murray in his prime. Some other celebs pop up in the movie too, such as John Candy. Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops is the voice of Audrey 2, an excellent role with some showstopping musical numbers. And last but definitely not least, three newcomers play Ronnette, Chiffon, and Crystal, the Supremes-type singers known as the Doo Wops. This cast and the script make it a perfect show."

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